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The Southern California Art Therapy Association's virtual gallery is an online dialogue to inspire, nurture, practice self-compassion, and build community. This gallery is a reminder of the impact of art in our lives and its power to express, bear witness, and connect.


Transitions is a collection of work of five Artists/Art Therapists who explored the timely theme of transitions over a period of two years.  In addition to their individual explorations, they also reflected on the theme with two collaborative projects. SoCalATA members and friends were invited to join the artists with their own variation of the theme.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this conversation of images.

Collaborative Work

"We are 5 art therapists who value the art-making process as a way to learn, express and care for ourselves." 

Some themes that emerged are: transitions from different cultures, internal and external environments, exploration of shifts within inner personal experiences, as well as life role changes, like having a baby. Also, the feelings associated with Transitions varied—for example joy, fear, awkwardness, confusion and hope.  Read More

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