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“Black Lives Matter. Until we as a country manifest this belief in our actions - not just our thoughts, there will be no justice.

- Part of a statement written by a business in Santa Monica to its customers.⠀

SoCalATA is looking to co-create openings for our members to foster hope and resilience in order to make choices that are impactful but also sustainable. WE can’t do this without first meeting ourselves where we are at (recognizing burnout, our privilege or limits). We invite you to honor your capacity and choose how you want to participate.  We welcome you to start where you are, just start....No act is too small.  A conversation can be a powerful protest. We believe that it  is our collective and consistent efforts that make a difference.

If you would like to share resources that have been useful to you, particularly in Southern California, please email us at


AntiRacism Book Study- Tabitha Fronk

Color of Change




AATA Post: 

Breaking the Chains of Racial Trauma Blog Series

Anti-Racism Resources (composed by Black Lives Matter) -articles, books, podcasts, videos, films, social media to follow

Talking About Race- National Museum of African American History and Culture


New Era of Public Safety: An Advocacy Toolkit for Fair, Safe, and Effective Policing

My Emotions Were Raw: The People Creating Art to Remember George Floyd.

Watching Innocent Black Men Like Ahmad Arbery Die is Hurting Our Mental Health

Your Black Colleagues May Look Like They Are OK

For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies

Anguish and Action

10 Steps To Non-optical Allyship

11 Things You Can Do to Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence

How to Help Black Lives Matter: 9 Things You Can Do for George Floyd Now

How to Take Action and Support the Black Lives Matter Movement in Los Angeles

Building a Movement Through Art- Rolling Stone Magazine

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