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The Art Therapy Supervisor Directory is available to members of SoCalATA! To access the directory, login with your user name and password and select Art Therapy Supervisor Directory from the menu. To join or renew your membership please visit the American Art Therapy Association's website at

Supervisors listed in the directory are members of the Southern California Art Therapy Association (SoCalATA), hold an ATR-BC (Board Certified Art Therapist) credential conferred by the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB), and have agreed to provide supervision on a sliding scale to fellow SoCalATA members. As a SoCalATA member, the supervisors included on this list are expected to adhere to the ethical considerations and standards of conduct as outlined in both the ATCB Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures and the American Art Therapy Association’s (AATA) Ethical Principals for Art Therapists. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining their SoCalATA membership in good standing, maintaining their ATR-BC, and holding their own liability insurance.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this directory is to provide a service to the SoCalATA membership. The information contained herein has been provided to SoCalATA by the individual art therapy supervisor. SoCalATA does not oversee, endorse, or take responsibility for the services offered or rendered by supervisors listed in the directory. It is advisable to conduct your own interview process and ask about experience, training, and education when selecting a supervisor. Supervisors listed in this directory are solely responsible for maintaining their SoCalATA Membership, ATR-BC, and liability insurance. Users of this registry are responsible for any updates to the ATCB art therapy registration process including changes in requirements.

If you would like to join this Art Therapy Supervisor Directory complete the SoCalATA Art Therapy Supervisor Application.pdf and send it to

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